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Access the best projects in the StarkNet ecosystem. Meet incredible teams and individuals.

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StarkWare and Optimism have set up the system everyone dreamed of to incentivize builders: take a fee on all the financial transactions that take place within their ecosystem, and redistribute it to the developers who build public goods.
The problem is that it's easy to redistribute this money to Smart Contract Developers. But it's very complicated to redistribute it fairly to Core Developers.
If we can't find a fair way to distribute the money, the system will not fund builders (will not attract them), but rather mercenaries: and therefore, it will be a failure.
Our mission is to create a fair distribution system to make this unprecedented initiative work.
1200 USDC
Performance Enhancements While Running Tests
2500 USDC
Add A Mock Hint To Mock Some Calls To Other Functions In The Cairo File
500 USDC
Custom RPC Endpoint For Calls

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Being part of Only Dust is a great way to contribute to several projects in a friendly environment, improve and learn new developer skills from being part of the community and learn about new projects on the Starknet ecosystem.
What Onlydust brought me was that I had all the resources to learn Cairo at my disposal and a team available to help me in case of difficulties on notions. The contributions allowed me to be on board with all kinds of projects of the ecosystem according to my desires. The fact of being accompanied on contributions allows me to feel more at ease and to better approach the project.
Only dust quickly put us in touch with talented developers looking to make a dent, with little to no involvement on our part.
Only Dust was truly instrumental in getting us started with starknet.dart. In less than a week, a few talented devs discovered StarkNet from scratch, made their first open-source contribution, and received their first check in crypto-currency. A win-win for both the builders and the StarkNet ecosystem.

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